FAQs | Custom Knit Throw Blanket Manufacturer USA

1. How can I get started?

Given the intricacies of design-to-manufacturing conversions, please reach out directly to us so we can provide you with easy-to-follow, step-by-step instructions based on your fiber and blanket size requirements. Call us at (516) 482-1871 or email us at


2. Can I change my design after submitting my order?

Design modifications can be made until the order has been entered. Once the artwork is approved and the order is entered and placed in the production queue, the artwork cannot be cancelled or changed.


3. Do you offer blankets in other sizes?

Our standard blanket sizes are 50” X 60” and 30" X 40".  Custom sizes are possible. Please contact us for more information.


4. What about labels? Can I supply my own labels?

Mineola Knitting Co. offers a 1.5” x 4” soft microfiber-suede etched label sourced from Italy for an additional cost.  The label is folded in half and sewn directly onto the lower right-hand corner of your blanket.  We will customize this label with your brand name and logo on the front side, plus fiber composition, care instruction, or any texts of your choice on its back side.  

Alternatively, if you would prefer to supply your own labels, we are happy to receive and sew on your personal labels at no additional cost.


5. What variations should I be aware of with throw blankets of different fibers?

Knit textiles have a lot of give by nature.  It is customary that some throw blankets are off-spec in size by (+/-) 1-2 inches at times, especially after washing and tumble dry.  Drying Temperature can greatly affect a throw blanket’s shrinkage.  Although pre-treated for machine wash and low heat tumble dry, the Merino wool throw blanket especially can still shrink some 6-8% if tumble dried at excessive temperature.  The Recycled Cotton, Organic Cotton, and Egyptian throw blankets are much more stable compared to the Merino Wool throw blankets.  However, tumble dry in low heat is still highly recommended.   


6. What are the differences between a knit throw blanket and a woven throw blanket?

Knitted fabric is created by yarns continuously looping across a row of knitted stitches. They are generally speaking softer and more luxurious and much more comfortable like a sweater with a beautiful drape.  Its construction can be as complex or as simple as desired. By incorporating variations of stitches with yarns, unlimited design options and structural dimensions can be created.  As a result of the knitted structure in combination with the finest wool and cotton yarns, our blankets are lush, buoyant, and breathable.  

Woven fabrics are generally speaking much simpler in construction and with fewer available techniques, however, allow for more colors (usually 8 max).  It is made by interlacing vertical and horizontal yarns, commonly known as warp and weft, hence more difficult in creating textural effects on fabrics.  Woven throw blankets also take less time to weave, approx. 15 minutes per blanket of 50 x 60 in size vs. approx 45 minutes for a knit throw blanket. 


7. Can I mix different yarns or colors from different palettes in my design?

Mixing different yarns or colors from different palettes can be done, however, not recommended due to different fibers having different shrinkage.  Price adjustment will apply due to the cost difference in yarns.  Please call us for assistance, as mixing different yarns will require different setups in product specifications.  Additional fiber options are available upon request for bulk orders (100+ pieces). 


8. Does Mineola Knitting Co. manufacture products other than throw blankets?

Our capabilities for bulk manufacturing include beanies, scarves, and pillows. We’re happy to discuss possibilities with you. For more information, please reach out and inquire.


9. What are the care instructions for my throw blankets?

All our blankets are machine washable in cold water on a gentle cycle setting. Absolutely NO Bleach. We suggest Merino wool and wool blend items be placed in a large mesh laundry bag for better protection. All our blankets can be tumble dried in low heat. Ironing is not recommended since it could potentially cause markings on the blankets.


10. What is the average production lead-time?

Our average production lead time is 2-3 weeks, excluding shipping time.  During the peak of the Q4 Holiday Season, our lead time could be extended but should not exceed 4 weeks.  US domestic transit time is usually no more than a week.  Bulk orders above 50 units typically have a longer production time. If you are working on a particular deadline, let us know as soon as possible, our priority is to do our best to make sure you receive your order on time.


11. What are your minimums (MOQ)? Are there discounts for larger orders?

Our order minimums start at 7 units per design, per colorway.  Bulk tier pricing begins once an order of a single design and colorway exceeds 100 pieces.


12. Can Mineola Knitting Company ship internationally?

Yes, International orders are welcomed.   Most of our international orders are shipped via DHL or Fedex.  Thru our shipping agent, we are able to offer a very economical international shipping rate that is steeply discounted from the carriers' published rates.   However, Certain restrictions may apply to international orders due to Customs regulations in certain countries.   


13. How will my blankets be shipped? Is drop-shipping Available?

Orders are usually shipped using FedEx or UPS and can be expedited based on need after production is completed.  LTL Trucking service via common freight carriers can be arranged on large bulk shipments.  We do not, however, offer drop-shipping service for individual blankets of the same order to various consignees.  The entire order must be shipped to one location/consignee only.


14. When is it too late to cancel an order?

Order cancellation will be gladly honored but must happen prior to the start of production.  


15. Can my order be returned?

Unfortunately, we cannot accept returns on custom designs.  We gladly offer replacement products for any item received with manufacturing defects.