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About Mineola Knit | Custom Blanket Manufacturer USA

Our Roots

The partnership behind Mineola Knitting Company has over 60+ years of collective experience in the textile industry. A rich depth of knowledge from knitting sweaters and blankets fits seamlessly with expertise in manufacturing and sourcing high-quality yarns to craft locally-made artisan knitted blankets.

Quality and craftsmanship are held close to our hearts and knitted in every stitch. We hope that every throw blanket from Mineola Knitting Company is a blanket for a lifetime. 



A Dependable and Friendly Partner to the Artist Community 

We work closely with the Artist community in bringing their arts to life.  Every project is given our utmost attention by our team.  From design file conversion, material selection, and sampling, to final production and shipping, we are as detailed and as responsive as it gets.  Our customer service is second to none and is always ready to assist. 

Catered to the community, we offer a low production minimum of 7 units, with an option of an initial 1-unit preview for quality approval before production.     


Let's Talk about Sustainability

We firmly believe local on-demand manufacturing of quality products that last a lifetime is the ultimate solution to the rising environmental concerns.   Fast fashion with excess unsold goods that ultimately end up in landfill, even if made with organic or regenerated materials, is still a burden to our environment, not to mention the resources and energy that are required in its process.  

All our products are knitted by our in-house team in Mineola, Long Island, New York.   Our setups afford us production flexibility and quick turnarounds with low minimums, which essentially reduces inventory risks for our clients.


Our Wonderful Team

As a responsible manufacturer, we hire our team from the local workforce.  We prioritize our team’s safety in practicing fair labor laws while creating an environment of comfort and cleanliness.  We believe a happy workplace is fundamental to our team’s care and attention to every throw blanket we make.  Every blanket that leaves our facility bears our names with pride.      

Come meet the team and see how we work! To schedule a visit please reach out.



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